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Create an Interactive Travel Map of Your Tours and Activities

Are you dreaming of creating your own interactive travel map to bring your tours and adventures to life? With Map My Travels, it's easy! Craft and share custom maps of your travels, embedding them seamlessly on your website. Start mapping your journeys and share them with the world today!

Creating a travel map has never been easier

Combine an intuitive travel map creator with many customization options like uploading your own marker icons as well as loading in GPS files. Creating an interactive travel map has never been easier.

Create custom markers

One of the key features of Map My Travels is to customize the way you want to show waypoints on your travel map. That's why you can add markers to your map in multiple ways:

  • Create your own using the custom marker builder. Customize the marker icon and border and fill colors.
  • Upload your own marker icon and resize it to your needs
Create a custom marker in the map creator

Add content to your travel map

A map marker without information is not a good marker! People want to know what happened at that specific place. That's why you can easily add a popup to your markers and routes, where you can add the following pieces of content:

  • Title
  • Description + date
  • Image
  • Youtube Video

Fill your travel map with content!

Add content to your markers and routes

Embed the travel map on your own website

You can share your map in many different ways. You can share a link to the map on social media or where ever you like. You can also embed the map on your own website, like I've done on my personal website! It doesn't matter if your website is made with Wordpress, Squarespace or any other.

Easily embed your travel map on your own website

Upload GPS files

Upload your recorded travel data with ease. In the Map My Travels editor you can upload GPS files in the following formats:

  • GPX
  • KML

After you've added the GPS files you can still change the line's appearance, like color, thickness, opacity etc.

Upload GPX or KML files to your travel map

Import your Strava Activities

If you host your travel activities on Strava, a popular fitness app on which you can share your traveled routes (usually used by hikers or cyclists), you can import these directly into the map creator!

Import routes from Strava with ease

Draw lines

If you don't have any recorded route data like from Strava or a GPS file, you can still add lines to your map by just drawing on the map!

Draw lines on your travel map

Change the look of your travel map

You can customize the look of your map with 4 different map types that Google Maps provides:

  • Roadmap
  • Satellite with place labels and roads etc.
  • Satellite without any text
  • Terrain
Change the look of your map to satellite view

Create as many travel maps as you want!

You can add as many travel maps in your account as you want, completely free! There are only limits on the amount of markers and routes you can add to your maps. But you can get started for absolutely free. See more information on pricing and limits on the pricing page.

Create as many travel maps as you want, they are all displayed in your account dashboard

Create travel maps on any device

All of the map creator features are totally compatible with both laptops and phones. Out of personal experience, I'd recommend editing the maps on a laptop or computer. The experience is a bit better for panning around the map, but it's totally possible to do it on a phone as well. Your travel map will look beautiful either way!

Map My Travels works on any device. Both laptop and mobile phone
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Built by TravelingTice

Hi! I built this application myself as I have both a passion for coding and travel! I've cycled through 13 countries in Europe as well as part of Taiwan!

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